Detailed information about the route is coming soon.

Route length: 26.5 km
total 1384 m – up: 692 m / down: 692 m
Time limit: 5 hours
Start and finish location: Podlesice (Zajazd Jurajski)
Start: September 26, 2020 (Saturday), 10.00 a.m.
Water points:
int with warm meal: at the finish line


Registration: online
Terms and conditions: read the rules of the competition
Limit: 100 runers
Starting fee: 99 PLN (until 30.06) / 129 PLN (from 01.07 to 31.08) / 159 PLN (from 01.09 to 23.09) / 189 PLN (on the days of the competition)
Race Office: Podlesice (Zajazd Jurajski)


Medals: for all who complete the race

OPEN prizes:
place 1-3: sports goblet + prize in kind
place 1–3: sports goblet + prize in kind

Awards in age categories:
For the best players in all age categories are:
place 1: sports goblet + prize in kind
place 2–3: prize in kind

Note! Players who take places 1–3 in the general men’s and women’s (OPEN) standings do not receive prizes in the classifications of each age category (they fall for the next players)!


Mandatory equipment:
• applies to every player on a given route
• can be checked before take-off
• canbe checked during the run at any time (the time of checking equipment will not be counted down from the time of competition)

Optional equipment:
• starting number with chip
• paper route map
• mobile phone (active for the entire running)
• cup/water bottle
• whistle

Recommended equipment:
• mobile phone/GPS with track
• backpack, kidney or running sachet
• water container with a capacity of at least 0.5 liters
• wind jacket
• cap or multifunctional bandana
• flashlight
• insurance policy


Route marking
a) The competition routes run mainly on marked hiking trails, roads and forest paths. Partly also by public roads.
b) The Organizer recommends that participants read the map and route description before take-off and have uploaded a track.
c) Of the route to their device will be partially marked with tape, directional signs and chalk spray (note! the spray disappears in the rain). The symbols and method of marking the route will be given on the website of competitions.
d) Some places on the routes (e.g. road junctions, trail twists, dangerous places) will be additionally marked.
e) In case of getting lost on the route, the best option is to go back to the last place with a visible route marking and to look for markings.
f) If you have any doubts about the route marking, do not hang and change the markings! In this case, you should contact the Organizer (contact number will be indicated on the starting number).
g) All runers should navigate the routes of the competition according to the route specified on the map and the information given on the competition page and in accordance with the recommendations issued by the judges, the police and persons securing the route and strictly comply with the law.
(h) The routes of competitions on public roads or intersecting with public roads may be secured by the police and persons securing the route in particularly dangerous places.
(i) Runers are treated as much as road users during a run and must move in accordance with traffic regulations (unless the marking of the route or the police and the persons securing the route will be ordered to move differently).
j) Runers must be extremely careful during the run, bearing in mind the possibility of driving (e.g. from fields, side forest roads or individual buildings).
k) On the route, including in forest areas, the Organizer’s vehicles and vehicles securing the course of the competition may move.
l) The routes of the competition are not closed and can be navigated by tourists and other persons.

Starting numbers
a) During the competition, all are required to appear with visible and correctly attached starting numbers. No number during the competition will result in disqualification.
b) The starting number should be attached with a graphs to the front of the garment at the height of the chest or fixed in front of the belt. It is incorrect to attach the starting number in other places, e.g. to the backpack, on thighs, sleeves.
c) It is forbidden even partial cover or modification of starting numbers and application to the starting numbers subtitles, advertisements and markings other than those allowed by the Organizer.
d) The player is not able to continue the competition (tour) without the starting number. If you lose your starting number, you must immediately report this to the Organizer and you can continue the competition with your consent.

Nutritional points, accommodation, toilets
a) There will be nutritional points (with drinks and/or food) and accommodation points on the race routes. Their number and locations for each route will be given on the website of the competition on the subpages of individual gears.
b) Drinks, food and accommodation at points are intended exclusively for runers and not for third parties.
c) For reasons of nature protection at nutritional points, all participants (on each route) must have their own cups or bottles, bidons, etc. The organizer does not provide single-time cups.
d) At the nutritional points, runers will be able to leave their garbage.
e) On the accommodation points, players will be able to enjoy rest in a tent or room (the Organizer provides blankets and beds or mats). It is recommended that riders leave their own mat deposits and sleeping bags. The number of places to rest will be limited, which means that in the case of more people willing to enjoy rest, players who are in the nutritional point of the longest, must give way to waiting places.
f) Toilets will be located near the start and on the route (use them on a general basis determined by the owner of the property).

Repacks (deposits)
Detailed information about the places and times of surrender and receipt of deposits for individual gears will be posted on the website.

Medical assistance
a) The organizer provides medical assistance during the competition.
b) Medical assistance will be available permanently at points marked on route maps. In addition, mobile medical points (rescuers) can travel on the routes, which will arrive if necessary.
c) The emergency numbers of the competition will be indicated on the competition website and on the starting number.
d) Players are obliged to provide assistance to other victims and call for assistance.
e) The call for assistance should not be delayed, since the arrival of emergency services, especially in more difficult terrain, may be difficult and extended.

Third party support
a) Third parties may not assist or accompany competitors during the run.
b) Third party support (family, friends, trainers, etc.) is permitted only at nutritional points and accommodation.
c) Any technical or medical assistance of third parties, except in situations related to the immediate threat to the health or life of participants, is prohibited.