Detailed information about the route is coming soon.

Registration: online
Terms and conditions: read the rules of the competition
Race Office: Podlesice (Zajazd Jurajski)

1. Starting categories and distances
a) The event is recreational in nature and there is one starting category per route (without age and gender).
b) Children’s runs will be played in age categories:
• children under 5 years of age (year 2015 and younger) – distance around 200 m,
• children aged 6-9 (yearbooks 2011-2014) – distance about 400 m,
• children aged 10-15 years (yearbooks 2005-2010) – distance about 800 m.

b) Family runs:
• one joint run – a distance of about 400 m,

2. Classification
a) During the run there will be no time measurement, and the order is determined only for the first riders.
b) As there will be no official classification (the event is of a recreational nature) there will also be no prizes for the seats occupied. Each child will receive a medal and a small gift after completing the tour.

3. Starting fees
a)  The amount of starting fees is:
• Running for children (per person) – 10 PLN
• Family run (family fee) – 15 PLN
b) The starting fee can be made in the form of online payments and cash payments only to the Race Office.
c) In case of payment of the starting fee in the insufficient amount, the difference must be paid during registration with the Race Office.

4. Benefits and prizes
a) As part of the starting fee, the Organizer provides:
• medal for each child who has completed the run (running for children)
• gift for each child who has completed the run (running for children)
• one medal for each family who has completed the run (family run)
• participation in the competition
• starting number
• medical security
(b) Any gifts and prizes in kind are not exchangeable or converted into a cash equivalent.

5. Limits
a) In each age category of running for children there is a limit of participants – 20 persons.
b) The Organizer may change the limit of participants.