1. Goals
• Popularization of running and healthy lifestyle.
• Select the best players in the following seasons.
• Combining sports competition with recreation and tourism.
• Promotion of attractions and tourist values of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland.
• Promote interesting places to spend time outdoors.

II. Organizer

2. Organizer
Jowisza 37C, 83-010 Straszyn
tel. 600 325 678

2. Strategic partner

3. Website
The official website of the race is:

4. Contact
In matters related to the start of the competition, you can write to: e-mail:


1. 25-27 September 2020

2. The venue will be held on the premises of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland.
Race centre, start and finish: Podlesice, Municipality of Kroczyce, Zawierciański district

3. The Race Office is located in the Zajazd Jurajski in Podlesice.

4. Parking spaces are located in the Zajazd Jurajski Inn (limited number). You can also park your cars in other available places in Podlesice and walk on foot.


1. Types of gears

2. Runs: ULTRA and TRAIL
a) Basic route parameters:






Runners limit


JURA ULTRA 200 200 km 45 hours 30
JURA ULTRA 100 100 km 30 hours 100
JURA TRAIL 50 50 km 10 hours 100
JURA TRAIL 25 25 km 5 hours 100
JURA TRAIL 10 10 km 2.5 hours 100

b) Detailed information on routes, including the location of individual starts and meths, nutritional points and route profiles, will be published on the race website.

Detailed information about these runs in separate regulations.


Friday, 25 September 2020

Race Office
12.00 p.m.-10.00 p.m. – registration
route JURA ULTRA 200
4.00 p.m. – completion of the registration
3.30 p.m.-4.00 p.m. – technical check-in
4.00 p.m.-4.45 p.m.- control of mandatory equipment
5.00 p.m.- start
route JURA ULTRA 100
8.00 p.m.-8.30 p.m. – technical check-in

Accompanying events
5.30 p.m.-9.00 p.m. – meetings with runners, photo shows and videos

Saturday, 26 September 2020

Race Office
6.00 a.m.-10.00 p.m. – registration
route JURA ULTRA 100

7.00 a.m. – completion of registration
7.00 a.m.-7.45 a.m. – control of equipment mandatory
8.00 a.m. – start
route JURA TRAIL 50
9.00 a.m. – completion of registration
9.45 a.m. – warm-up
10.0 a.m. – start
8.00 p.m. – closing of the route
route JURA TRAIL 25
9.00 a.m. – completion of the registration
9.45 a.m. – warm-up
10.00 a.m. – start
3.00 p.m. – closing of the route

Accompanying events
10.00 a.m. -6.00 p.m. – EXPO
6.00 p.m. -9.00 p.m. – meetings with runners, photo shows and videos

Sunday, 27 September 2020

Race Office
8.00 a.m. -10.00 a.m. – registration
Children’s Run
9.45 a.m. – completion of registration
10.00 a.m. – start
Family Run
10.15 a.m. – completion of registration
10.30 a.m. – start
route JURA TRAIL 10

10.00 a.m. – completion of registration
10.45 a.m. – warm-up
11.00 a.m. – start
1.30 – p.m. closing of the route
route JURA ULTRA 200
2.00 p.m. – closing of the route
route JURA ULTRA 100
2.00 p.m. – closing of the route
2.00 p.m.-3.30 p.m.- ceremony of decoration of winners

Accompanying events
10.00 a.m. -2.00 p.m.- EXPO

Detailed programmes for individual gears will be posted on the website.


1. General information
a) Competitions are held on the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland. The area is very varied (different types of pavement, terrain sculptures), and the trails run past rocks and rock formations or through them.
b) Each participant should assess their experience, physical abilities and fitness when choosing a route.
c) Runers who decide to start on the JURA ULTRA 200 and JURA ULTRA 100 routes must be aware of the waiting effort and fatigue during the non-stop run, day and night, and the difficulty of this run, distance length and variable weather.

2. The age of the participants
a) Anyone who:
• over 18 years of age (at the latest on the day of take-off) – applies to the JURA ULTRA 200, JURA ULTRA 100, JURA TRAIL 50, JURA TRAIL 25,
• at the end of 16 years (at the latest on the day of take-off) – applies to the JURA TRAIL 10.
b) Persons under 18. years of age may take part in competitions with the written consent of parents or legal guardians.
c) Each participant shall take part under his own responsibility (in the case of underage players under the responsibility of parents or legal guardians).

3. Start in the competition
a) The participant of the competition may be a person who meets all of the following conditions:
• fill out the application form (online) or make a personal application to the Race Office (during registration before the start),
• will make a starting fee in accordance with the regulations,
• submit clear signatures on all declarations in the Race Office, before the start of the competition.

4. Participant limit
a) The Organizer may introduce a limit of participants on individual routes.
b) As far as possible, the Organizer may increase the number of participants, which he will inform on the competition’s website.
c) The Organizer may allow an additional number of players to take off (outside the application limit) e.g.. representatives of partners, patrons, sponsors.

VII. Notification

1. Start registration
a) Registration of participation in the competition can be made through an online form placed on the competition website or directly at the event at the Race Office.
b) Confirmation of the correct application (registration and registration of the starting fee) is the appearance of information on the starting list placed on the race website (or when reporting directly at the competition).
c) Applications are accepted until the limit for taking off on individual routes (the limit applies only to valid notifications).
d) Persons who have made only a partial notification (e.g. have only completed the form or have only made a starting fee), are not participants in the race and will be on the reserve list.

2. Starting fees
a) The starting fees for each run are:

route / date until 30.06.2020

from 01.07.2020

until 31.08.2020

from 01.09.2020

until 23.09.2020

on the days of the comp
etition 25-27.09.2020
JURA ULTRA 200 299 PLN 349 PLN 399 PLN 429 PLN
JURA ULTRA 100 199 PLN 249 299 PLN 329 PLN
JURA TRAIL 50 139 PLN 169 199 PLN 229 PLN
JURA TRAIL 25 99 PLN 129 159 PLN 189 PLN
JURA TRAIL 10 59 PLN 69 89 PLN 99 PLN

b) The starting fee may be made in the form of online payments and cash deposits only at the Race Office.
c) In the event of payment of a starting fee in sufficient amount, the player is obliged to pay the difference when registering with the Race Office.

3. Confirmation of start at the Race Office
a) Each participant upon arrival at the competition must apply in person to the Race Office for verification and confirm the start and receive the starter package.
b) During verification at the Race Office, runers must have a photo ID, which must be presented at the request of the Organizer.
c) When confirming the start of the Race Office, each participant is obliged to sign all statements before the start of the race, including statements on the state of health of the participant, awareness of the start of the endurance event and knowledge of the conditions of participation in the race. The absence of any signature results in the player being denied the fault of the player.

4. Change of selected route
a) The runer after the correct notification may change the route, but no later than 31 August 2020.
b) The intention to reroute must be reported by e-mail to the Organizer. The organizer, if the route change is possible, will respond positively to the participant.
c) In the event of a change of route to a shorter participant, no difference in the starting fee will be refunded. On the other hand, in the case of a longer route change, the runer is obliged to pay the difference in the starting fee up to the amount in accordance with the date of the first payment (without the possibility of transferring the difference from other fees, e.g. purchases of gadgets).

6. Resignation from the start
a) The runer can cancel the start before the race. You must submit your intention to cancel by e-mail to the Organizer.
b) If the cancellation takes place by 31 August 2020, the participant may:
• receive a refund of the starting fee paid (a processing fee of 50 PLN per person will be deducted) or
• transfer the starting fee to another player (a processing fee of 30 PLN will be deducted).
c) If the cancellation occurs after 31 August 2020, the starting fee paid by the participant shall not be refundable or transferred to another person.

7. T-shirts and other souvenirs
a) Runers can order t-shirts and other souvenirs related to the competition. Detailed information on sizes and prices will be available on the race website.
b) Orders fees do not combine with starting fees and cannot be transferred to each other.
c) In the event of cancellation of the start, the participant may collect the order at the Race Office (alone or by authorizing another person) or can agree with the Organizer to ship the order – the cost of packaging and shipping is borne by the rider.

8. Additional information
a) Notification or payment of the starting fee after 1 September 2020 does not guarantee the provision of all benefits.
b) The accounts shall be issued only as a starting fee in the competition, no later than 14 days after the end of the competition and sent only by e-mail.
c) The Organizer is not responsible for the disappearance of online transfers. The Organizer is not responsible for the deadlines for the execution of bank and postal transfers. The only criterion for accepting deposits is the date of receipt of the payment to the Bank Account of the Organizer.
d) The Organizer shall not refund the starting fee to persons who have not completed or participated in the competition and in the event of shortening, changing the course of the route or competition, as well as cancellation of the route or competition for reasons beyond the control of the Organizer.

VIII. Classification

1. Classification
a) The overall classification in starting categories will be conducted on the individual races:
b) In addition, all races will also be ranked in age categories (the qualification for the age category is determined by the year of birth):

Category Age group Category Age group
K20 women aged 16/18-29 M20 men aged 16/18-29 years
K30 women aged 30-39 M30 men aged 30-39 years
K40 women aged 40-49 M40 men aged 40-49 years
K50 women aged 50-59 M50 men aged 50-59
K60 women aged 60 and over M60 men aged 60 and over

c) The winners of the individual classifications will be the riders who overcome the designated route in the shortest time.
d) All competitors who travel the entire route within a specified time limit will be classified in all categories.

2. Seats occupied
a) If more than one participant gets the same final time of the route on a given route, the distance of the participant (the older one occupies a higher place) and the draw on the same date of birth determines the distance.
b) The rules set out in points (a) apply only to participants classified in places 1 to 6 in each category. In other cases, ex aequo locations will be counted.

3. Minimum number of competitors
a) Where the number of competitors in any age category is less than 10 persons, no classification will be maintained in this age category. In this case, players will be classified in the lower age category, with the exception of players from the categories K20 and M20 – they will be classified in the higher age category.
b) The Organizer may take other decisions regarding the cancellation of the competition in age terms, which will inform the players before the start.


1. Benefits on individual heats
As part of the starting fee, the Organizer provides:
• participation in competitions on the paid route,
• time measurement,
• commemorative medal for anyone who has completed the run,
• commemorative gift – multi-purpose scarf,
• starting number,
• route map on waterproof paper,
• drinks and meals along the route (as described by the route),
• warm meal at the finish line for the JURA ULTRA 200, JURA ULTRA 100, JURA TRAIL 50 , JURA TRAIL 25,
• meth snacks for the JURA TRAIL 10,
• medical security,
• gifts from sponsors and partners (dependent on sponsors and partners),
• prizes for the best (according to the schedule for the route).

2. Awards for the best riders in the OPEN categories
For the best runers of individual races in the general classification of men and women (OPEN) are provided for prizes:
a) route JURA ULTRA 200

place 1: statuette + prize in kind + financial prize 1000 PLN
place 2-3: statuette + prize in kind

place 1: statuette + prize in kind + financial award 1000 PLN
place 2–3: statuette + prize in kind

place 1-3: statuette + prize in kind

place 1-3: statuette + prize in kind

place 1-3: statuette + prize in kind

place 1-3: statuette + prize in kind

Note! Players who take places 1–3 in the general men’s and women’s (OPEN) standings do not receive prizes in the classifications of each age category (they fall for the next players)!

3. Awards in age categories
For the best runers in all age categories are provided:
• place 1: sports goblet + prize in kind
• places 2–3: prize in kind

4. Additional prizes
a) The first 30 runers who complete the JURA ULTRA 200 and JURA ULTRA 100 runs will receive commemorative “finisher” t-shirts. Other runers who complete the races can purchase t-shirts (details on the competition’s website).
b) The last 2 people (last woman and last man) who complete the JURA ULTRA 200 and JURA ULTRA 100 runs before the time limit expires, will receive a surprise reward for perseverance.
c) Additional prizes and gifts will be available during the closing ceremony.

5. Additional information
a) Prizes, statuettes and sport goblets will be presented to the competitors only during the winners’ decoration ceremony. A competitor who does not appear at the decoration ceremony loses the right to his prizes while retaining his seat. Only in exceptional cases can the Organizer decide to award prizes to players absent from the decoration ceremony.
b) The value and type of prizes shall be subject to sponsors and funds raised.
c) All gifts and prizes in kind shall not be exchanged or converted into cash equivalent.
d) The financial prizes earned by the participants will be transferred only by bank transfer to the indicated bank account within 2 weeks of the end of the race.
e) The prizes will be withheld by tax in accordance with the applicable law.


1. Competition
a) All competitors overcome the route on their own, from start to finish.
b) The time of arrival of the runers at the start of the mass time is determined by the place at the start of the mass, while at the start of the interval the net time. The condition for classification is to overcome the entire route.

2. Route lengths and time limits
a) Distances of individual gears due to terrain may differ from planned ones.
b) The length of the routes and the time limits for each edition are set out in Section IV.
c) A time limit is specified to overcome each route. Competitors who do not reach the finish line before the time out are required to interrupt the run and leave the route. They will not be classified either.
d) If additional time limits apply on points on the route on a given route, competitors who do not reach the point before the time limit for that point are required to interrupt the run and leave the route. They will not be classified either.
e) Time limits on points along the route shall be determined for the time taken to reach the point in question. The duration of stay on the item is counted to the limit of the next point.

3. Route marking
a) The route is mainly marked by tourist routes, roads and forest paths. Partly also by public roads.
b) The Organizer recommends that participants read the map and the route description before take-off and have uploaded a track to their device.
c) The routes will be partially marked with tape, directional signs and chalk spray (note! the spray disappears in the rain). The symbols and how the route is marked will be indicated on the race website.
d) Some places on routes (e.g. crossroads, trail twists, dangerous places) will be additionally marked.
e) If lost on the route, the best solution is to go back to the last place with a visible route marking and to look for markings.
f) If you have any doubts about the route marking, do not hang and change the markings! In this case, please contact the Organizer (the contact number will be provided on the starting number).
g) All runers should navigate the routes of the competition in accordance with the route specified on the map and the information given on the competition page and in accordance with the recommendations issued by judges, the police and persons securing the route and strictly comply with the law.
h) The routes of competitions on public roads or intersecting with public roads may be secured by the police and persons securing the route in particularly dangerous places.
i) Competitors are treated as much as road users during a run on public roads and must move in accordance with traffic regulations (unless the marking of the route or referral to the police and the persons securing the route will be ordered to move differently).
j) Runers must exercise special care during the run, taking into account the possibility of driving (e.g. from fields, side forest roads or individual buildings).
k) On the route, including in forest areas, the Organizer’s vehicles and vehicles securing the course of the competition may be operated on the route.
l) The routes of the competition are not closed and tourists and other persons can navigate them.

4. Starting numbers
a) During the competition, all are required to appear with visible and correctly attached starting numbers. If you do not have a number during the competition, it will result in disqualification.
b) The starting number shall be fixed with a graph to the front of the garment at chest height or fixed front to the waist. It is incorrect to attach the starting number in other places, e.g. backpack, thighs, sleeves.
c) It is forbidden even to partially cover or modify the starting numbers and to apply to the starting numbers subtitles, advertisements and markings other than those permitted by the Organizer.
d) The runer is not able to continue the competition (tour) without the starting number. If you lose your starting number, you must immediately report this to the Organizer and you can continue the competition with your consent.

5. Time measurement
a) Electronic timing will be carried out on all race routes.
b) Each competitor will receive a starting number with an electronic chip when registering with the Race Office.
c) In the event of loss, destruction or absence of a chip on the route, the rider may not be classified.
d) There may be other time-measuring points and checkpoints and judges without timing on the route outside the finish line. Points handling will record the starting numbers of the players.
e) Bypassing the time, checkpoint and judging point or overcoming the route other than in the manner determined by the Organizer may result in a time penalty or disqualification.

6. Start and finish
a) Start and finish locations for each route will be published on the competition website.
b) Most gears start from the joint start. The Organizer reserves the right to take off and finish differently, which will inform the participants at the latest before the start.
c) In the case of interval start, participants shall lose at specified intervals, as provided by the Organizer.
d) In the case of an honorary start, the participants shall move along the entire column on the designated route to the sharp start point, where the competition begins on the signal.
e) The setting of riders in the starting zones marked by the organizer is determined by the random order (the riders themselves set up).

7. Nutritional points, accommodation, toilets
a) There will be nutritional points (with drinks and/or food) and accommodation points on the race routes. Their number and locations for each route will be given on the competition website on the subpages of individual runs.
b) Drinks, food and accommodation at points are intended exclusively for runers and not for third parties.
c) For reasons of nature conservation at nutritional points, all participants (on each route) must have their own cups or bottles, bottles, etc. The organizer does not provide single-use cups.
d) At the nutritional points, competitors will be able to leave their garbage.
e) On the accommodation points, competitors will be able to enjoy rest in a tent or room (the Organizer provides blankets and beds or mats). It is recommended that competitors leave their own mat deposits and sleeping bags. The number of places to rest will be limited, which means that for more people willing to enjoy rest, competitors who are in the nutritional point of the longest must give way to waiting places.
f) Toilets will be located near take-off and on the route (use on a general basis determined by the owner of the property).

8. Mandatory equipment and recommended
Mandatory equipment applies to every player on a given route. Mandatory equipment for JURA ULTRA 200, JURA ULTRA 100 will be checked before take-off. On all routes, mandatory equipment can be checked during the run at any time. The check time of the equipment will not be counted down from the time of the competition.

(a) JURA ULTRA 200, JURA ULTRA 100 routes

Mandatory equipment:
• starting number with chip,
• paper route map,
• mobile phone (active throughout the run),
• thermal blanket,
• cup/water bottle,
• cap or multifunctional bandana,
• whistle.

Recommended equipment:
• mobile phone/GPS with a track,
• backpack, kidney or running sachet,
• flashlight (best at the forefront),
• wind jacket,
• water container with a capacity of at least 1 liter,
• cash in the amount of 30 PLN,
• trekking poles,
• sleeping bag and mat for points with accommodation (to deposit),
• insurance policy.


Mandatory equipment:
• starting number withchip,
• paper route map,
• mobile phone (active throughout the run),
• whistle,
• cup/water bottle.

Recommended equipment:
• mobile phone/GPS with a track,
• backpack, kidney or running sachet,
• water container with a capacity of at least 0.5 liters,
• wind jacket,
• cap or multifunctional bandana,
• flashlight ,
• insurance policy.


Mandatory equipment:
starting number with chip.

Recommended equipment:
• route map (paper or phone/GPS),
• mobile lephone (active throughout the run),
• backpack, kidney or running sachet,
• water container with a capacity of at least 0.5 liters,
• whistle,
• wind jacket,
• cap or multifunctional bandana,
• insurance policy.

9. Repacks (deposits)
a) On the routes JURA ULTRA 200 and JURA ULTRA 100 the Organizer will carry the competitors’ luggage (deposits /repacks) in accordance with the rules:
• the runer must pack his equipment only for bags received from the Organizer,
• bags of repacks will be available for collection at the Race Office during registration,
• maximum number of bags – 1 piece per personon on the one deposit,
• maximum deposit weight – 5 kg per person on the one deposit,
• the deposit should be marked with tags received from the Organizers,
• the deposit must be delivered to the designated place of equipment at the specified hours.
b) Detailed information on the number of points with repacks, places and hours of surrender and receipt of deposits for individual gears will be provided on the website.
c) Exceeding the weight limit, the units of the deposit or the time of the deposit will result in the refusal of the Organizer to accept the deposit and thus the transport.
d) Deposits on points and in the competition database can only be received by presentation of the starting number.
e) Documents, valuables and glass containers, beverage cans and other goods which may be damaged during transport shall not be affixed to deposits.
f) The Organizer is not responsible for damage or loss of the deposit.
g) Deposits not collected until the end of the competition will be disposed of (they will not be sent).

10. Medical assistance
a) The organizer provides medical assistance during the competition.
b) Medical assistance will be available permanently at points marked on route maps. In addition, mobile medical points (rescuers) can travel on the routes, which will arrive if necessary.
c) The emergency numbers of the competition will be indicated on the competition website and on the starting number.
d) Runers are required to provide assistance to other victims and to call for assistance.
e) The call for assistance should not be delayed, as the arrival of emergency services, especially in more difficult terrain, can be difficult and extended.

11. Withdrawal from the route
a) In case of withdrawal of the participant from the tour, he must immediately notify the Organizer (service on points or by phone – the number will be given on the starting number).
b) If the runer does not inform about the withdrawal and a search operation is taken by the Organizer, that person will be charged any costs related to the action.
c) A participant who withdraws shall not have the chance to return to the route (continue to participate in the competition).
d) If a runer withdraws from the competition on a nutritional point or with accommodation, he may be taken to the competition database by transport of the Organizer (the waiting time may be quite long).
e) If a runer withdraws from the competition on the route, after notifying the Organizer, he can return to the base in any way, also with the help of third parties. If the Organizer has a free vehicle, he can offer the player a transport.
f) If the reason for the withdrawal of the player from the competition is justified medical reasons, he will be transported by transport of the Organizer. An unjustified call for medical assistance will result in a financial penalty of 300 PLN.

12. Third party support
a) Third parties are not allowed to assist or accompany riders during the race.
b) Third party support (family, friends, trainers, etc.) is permitted only at nutritional and accommodation points.
c) Any technical or medical assistance of third parties, except in situations related to the immediate threat to the health or life of the participants, shall be prohibited.

13. Time penalties and disqualification
a) The Organizer reserves the right to impose a time penalty on the runer, withdraw the rider from the route or disqualify in the event of:
• shortening, even bypassing a section of the route or defeating it in a manner other than that provided by the Organizer,
• exceeding the time limit on the point or route,
• destruction, cover-up or improper wearing of the starting number,
• handing over his starting number or electronic chip to another person ,
• failure to record the presence of a player or lack of timing at the point of inspection or timing,
• use third-party support outside of nutritional points,
• travel with persons who are not riders on a given route,
• continue running after the time limit,
• non-possession of mandatory equipment,
• failure to undergo mandatory equipment control,
• failure to comply with fair play rules and the provisions of these regulations (including trash, use of transport, doubles, doping of prohibited support, etc.) ,
• violation of safety rules, non-compliance with traffic regulations,
• findings by medical services inability to continue their efforts (maintenance decisions are final and irrevocable),
• failure to follow the instructions of law enforcement services, judges and the Organizer.
b) The time penalty for the absence of any element from compulsory equipment shall be 15 min for each element.
c) The amount of the remaining time penalties is determined by the Director of the Race.
d) Time penalties will be added to the outcome of the route (at the finish line). It is also possible that the player may be suspended by the referee on the route or before the finish line for a time equal to the time penalty imposed.
e) Penalties of time and disqualification may be imposed during the competition, but also after the results have been published( also after the results have been published), which may affect the final classification.

14. Protests
a) Protests concerning the conduct of the competition can be submitted to the Main Judge at the latest up to 2 hours after the closing of the finish line of the route in writing together with a security of 200 PLN .
b) If a protest is rejected, the security shall be forfeited to the Organizer.

15. Other
a) A competitor who resigns, is withdrawn or disqualified, has no right to return to the route (continue the competition), even if he would like to do so in a formula outside the official classification or on the so-called. own responsibility.
b) The Organizers are not responsible for the runers who has resigned, has been withdrawn or disqualified.
c) A competitor who does not comply with the orders of law enforcement services, judges or the Organizer may be prohibited from competing in other competitions organised by the Organizers.

XI. Security

1. General information
a) All participants acknowledge that participation in the event involves physical exertion and entails a natural risk of accident, injury and physical injury (including death), as well as damage and damage of a property nature. In addition, other risk factors, which are not currently foreseeable, may involve participating in the event. Signing a statement of knowledge of the terms and conditions means that the participant has considered and assessed the extent and nature of the risk involved in participating in the race, takes off voluntarily and solely on his own responsibility.
b) All competitors take off at their own risk and risk. The Organizer is not responsible for third parties and for competitors, especially those who violate the rules of the competition or travel in a way and in places other than those specified by the Organizer.
c) The Organizer shall not be liable for any events, collisions or accidents that occur during the competition (including the change of the program or even the cancellation of the competition), in particular in cases of action or omission by the Organizer, the reason for the safety of the participants of the competition, third parties and the conduct of the competition.
d) All competitors must comply with the rules set by the Organizer.
e) Before or on the competition website, participants will be informed of possible dangers along the route.
f) Each competitor is obliged to sign a Declaration in which he declares that he participates in the competition at his own risk and risk. For people under 18. such consent shall be signed by parents or legal guardians.
g) For safety reasons, it is prohibited to take part in the running of persons travelling on bicycles and other vehicles. It is forbidden to travel with animals and items that may be dangerous for other participants.

2. Shortening, change or cancellation of the route
a) The course will take place regardless of weather conditions.
b) In the interests of player safety (e.g. action of force majeure, change of weather conditions, opinion of the services) The Organizer has the right to shorten, change or even cancel part or the entire route, as well as competitions.
c) Shortening, rerouting or competitions and cancelling a route or competition during their duration shall not constitute a basis for reimbursement of the starting fee either in whole or in part.
d) The existence of any of the above events may affect the classification and the Promoter shall take an appropriate decision in such a situation.


1. Fair play rules
a) In order to compete in the competition without disruption and in a spirit of fair play, each player should follow the principles of pure competition, fairness, assistance to those in need and compliance with the Organizer’s rules and recommendations.
b) In addition, each participant must comply with these rules:
• when crossing the route, other riders must not be disturbed,
• the slower runer should give way faster on the route,
• special attention and caution should be taken, especially when the route is technically difficult or approaching a place that may be dangerous,
• runers must comply with the laws and recommendations of the persons securing the route.

2. Environmental protection
a) Some of the trails pass through the Orlich Nest Landscape Park and nature reserves.
b) Runers must respect the environment and must absolutely not pollute the route.
c) No packaging and rubbish must be disposed of on the route except for places designated by the Organizer or publicly available and provided for this.

3. Filming and photos
a) Private photos and recordings from the competition may be broadcast publicly, in commercial or non-commercial media without the organizer’s consent, unless they violate the good name of the players, competitions, organizers, partners, sponsors and other institutions involved in the organization of the competition.
b) The runer, running into the finish line, can not display additional advertisements (only those that are placed on his outfits). Photos with advertisements of its sponsors can be taken after the official crossing of the finish line and after the end of the photo shoot of the Organizer. The same situation applies to the decoration ceremony of the players.

4. Read the rules and regulations

Each competitor declares that (in the case of persons under 18 years of age this declaration is confirmed by a parent or legal guardian):
a) he accepts the rules of the competition and the security of the competition and agrees with the rules and conditions of participation,
b) is aware of the nature of the competition, the effort involved and the risks involved in running in the field and takes off on his own responsibility and risk,
c) takes part in the competition on his own responsibility and is liable for any damage caused by him,
d) acknowledges that it cannot make any claims, and waives the right of legal action or return from the Organizer or its partners in case of accident or damage related to the competition,
e) acknowledges that the orders of the law enforcement services must be respected,
f) acknowledges that the Organiser and all institutions and persons cooperating with it, as well as persons related to the conduct and organization of the competition shall not be liable to the participants for personal, material and property damage that occurs before, during or after the run,
g) by his signature he ensures that he has read all conditions of the competition rules and has filled in the application form completely and truthfully,
h) agrees to the free publication of the image (including photographs, film recordings, interviews) and results and personal data (name, surname, age, city, club) in materials published on the competition website, in social media, press, radio, television, other media, websites and social media of partners, media patrons and sponsors as well as in advertisements and promotional materials of the Organizers,
i) agrees to the processing of personal data for the purposes related to the implementation of the competition and for marketing purposes of the Organizer.

Failure to sign such a declaration is equivalent to resignation from participation in the competition.

5. Personal data protection
1. The administrator of the personal data of the persons referred to below is FAMILY CHALLENGE Foundation entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court in Gdańsk, XIII Commercial Department of the National Court Register, under KRS number: 0000737100, NIP: 604-020-46-28, REGON: 380574264, hereinafter referred to as the Organiser.
2. The Organizer informs that the personal data of the event participants made available to him will be processed in accordance with the applicable regulations, in particular Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as “FRAD”), for the purpose:
a) to carry out the event, i.e:
– to carry out the event, i.e. to register the participant,
– assigned to the appropriate start/age category,
– the determination of the entry fee (including discounts and possible exemption from the fee),
– selection and presentation of participants and winners, including in particular by announcing their personal data to the public, i.e. in relation to an unmarked audience by a commentator and/or announcer during the event and in press, radio, television and other media,
– presentation of start lists within the scope of: name, surname, town, country, age category, sex, club, image without time limit in the Competition Office and on the website of the Organizer and/or other entity chosen by the Organizer,
– verification of the participant of the event in the Office of the Competition, including a guardian and an attorney, who on behalf of the participant will collect the participation package to which the participant is entitled,
– presentation of the results in terms of: name, surname, town, country, age category, sex, club, image without time limit on the website of the Organizer and/or another entity selected by the Organizer, as well as during the event, including immediately after the event,
– send an SMS with relevant information on the organisation and conduct of the event,
– the award and issue of prizes and souvenirs,- information, statistical and archival information of the Organiser,
b) marketing and promotional activities of the Organiser,
c) transmission of commercial information by electronic means of communication,
d) send a newsletter.
3. Minors may be reported for participation in the event only by their legal guardians, who agree to the processing of personal data of the minor.
4. The organizer allows you to receive starter packages by persons authorized to do so on behalf of the participants of the event (participants’ proxies). The organizer of the event will be provided with personal data of the attorneys in order to enable the reception of the participation package on behalf of the participant of the event, in terms of: name, surname, series and number of identity document, the authority issuing the identity document. The provided personal data of the participants’ proxies will be processed in accordance with the applicable regulations.
5. The legal basis for the processing of personal data of persons referred to in point. 2 and 4, is the consent of the data subject or the consent of the legal guardians of minors referred to in points 2 and 4. 3.
6. The consent to the processing of personal data expressed by the participant / guardian / assistant of the participant may be withdrawn at any time. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing performed on the basis of consent, before its withdrawal. Consent may be withdrawn through:
a) sending an appropriate statement on withdrawal of consent to the address of the Administrator’s registered office specified in clause 1 or to the e-mail address of the Personal Data Administrator, i.e.,
(b) making an appropriate declaration to the Office of the professions.
7. The recipients of participants’ personal data made available to the Organizer shall be entities to whom the Administrator has entrusted the processing of personal data (companies selected by the Organizer and cooperating in organizing the event) on the basis of appropriate entrustment agreements. The data shall also be made available to the run commentators, spikers, persons gathered on the route and finish of the run, persons reading the Administrator’s website and entities entrusted by the Administrator with personal data processing, readers of printed, electronic and other media.
8. Personal data of the proxies of the participants of the event will not be made available to other recipients.
9. Personal data of participants and participants’ proxies will not be transferred to third countries or international organizations.
10. The obtained personal data of participants and participants’ proxies will be stored by the Administrator of personal data for the period necessary for the implementation of the event and in the period after the end of the event (including in connection with the publication of reports, results, information and promotional materials) and conducting business by the organizer or until the withdrawal of consent.
11. The data subject (participant/guardian/attendant) shall have the right to: demand access to personal data, demand the rectification of personal data, demand the removal of personal data, demand the restriction of personal data processing, object to the processing of personal data, transfer of personal data, lodge a complaint with the supervisory body, i.e. the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.
12. The event participant or guardian agrees to the free, unlimited territorially and temporally, use of the image by the Organizer, including the recording, processing, duplication and use of photographs and film material presenting his person for information and promotional purposes of the Organizer and the event in electronic and printed media. The consent to use the image is given by ticking the appropriate button during the registration of the participant to participate in the event via the Internet or by signing the appropriate statement in the Office of the Competition.
13. Providing personal data and agreeing to use the image of an event participant is voluntary, however it is necessary to take part in the event. Failure to provide data or give consent to use the image makes it impossible to take part in the event.
14. Providing personal data of a special category, i.e. the number of the disability certificate or the number of the card entitling to a discount is voluntary, however, it is necessary to obtain a discount on the participation fee. Failure to provide such data results in the impossibility to obtain a discount in the participation fee.


1. The above regulations define the rules of the competition and classification of competitors.
2. The regulations apply to all persons and institutions associated with the competition.
3. During the competition, participants should follow the instructions of persons responsible for safety, security services, judges and persons acting on behalf of the Organizer.
4. It is forbidden to use any vehicles and means of transport on the route.
5. Competitors during the competition are required to comply with these rules and regulations and to refer with due respect to the judges, organizers and other people (including the public).
6. The organizer does not provide accommodation.
7. Lack of knowledge by participants of the provisions of the regulations will not be considered as an excuse.
8. The organizer does not bear financial responsibility for things lost during the event.
9. Accompanying persons can stay in the area of the competition, but are not participants.
10. Settlement of disputes and protests concerning scoring is the responsibility of the Organizer.
11. The regulations may be changed and the changes will be published on the official website of the competition.
12. Cases not included in these regulations will be decided by the Organizer.
13. The final interpretation of these regulations is the Organiser’s responsibility.