Family Challenge Foundation

The Foundation’s activities are primarily the promotion of amateur, family sports, tourism and recreation as great ways to deepen family ties, build authority and positive patterns and create the right conditions for development for all family members. The Foundation also promotes a healthy and active lifestyle through various educational activities conducted among children and their parents.

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Sport Event

Agency dealing with the organisation of various events since 2000. During this time he has implemented more than 300 sports competitions, events, training, marketing actions, recreational and outdoor events. He is one of the world’s largest adventure racing organizers. For many years, he has been working closely with well-known athletes, sports associations, local governments, sports and recreation centres and sports clubs. Not only does it help organize various events, but also deals with sports marketing consulting and promotional strategies.
The biggest events implemented are:
• ten times the World Cup in adventure racing – Bergson Winter Challenge
• four times polish championships in mountain running
• six times the largest mountain running cycle in Poland (Run for Śnieżka, Race on Chantoria, Run on Radajów, Run for Góra Trojak, Run for Stare Wierchy)
• Run for Gold – an unusual run in the basement of the former gold mine (twice the award of “Golden Kozica” – 1. place in the plebiscite on the best organizer of the mountain race in Poland)
• Gdańsk Fortress Run – spectacular and the first mountain run in Poland by the sea
• Cup of the Youngest – Polish Children’s and Youth Championships in orienteering heats
• X-Duathlon – crossduathlon competitions (Gdynia, Gdansk)