JURA ULTRA 200, 100

JURA TRAIL 50, 25, 10



General information
a) Competitions are held on the Cracow-Częstochowa Jura. The area is very varied (different types of pavement, terrain sculptures), and the trails run past rocks and rock formations or through them.
b) Each participant should assess their experience, physical abilities and fitness when choosing a route.
c) Runers who decide to start on the JURA ULTRA 200 and JURA ULTRA 100 routes must be aware of the waiting effort and fatigue during the non-stop run, day and night, and the difficulty of this run, distance length and variable weather.

The age of the participants
a) Anyone who:
• over 18 years of age (at the latest on the day of take-off) – applies to the JURA ULTRA 200, JURA ULTRA 100, JURA TRAIL 50, JURA TRAIL 25,
• at the end of 16 years (at the latest on the day of take-off) – applies to the JURA TRAIL 10.
b) Persons under 18. years of age may take part in competitions with the written consent of parents or legal guardians.
c) Each participant shall take part under his own responsibility (in the case of underage players under the responsibility of parents or legal guardians).

Start registration
a) Registration of participation in the competition can be made through an online form placed on the competition website or directly at the event at the Race Office.
b) Confirmation of the correct application (registration and registration of the starting fee) is the appearance of the starting number on the starting list placed on the competition page (or when reporting directly at the competition).
c) Applications are accepted until the limit for taking off on individual routes (the limit applies only to valid notifications).
d) Persons who have made only a partial notification (e.g. have only completed the form or have only made a starting fee), are not participants in the competition and will be on the reserve list.