Marek Rutek

Passionate about ultra mountain runs. He loves endless cross-country adventures. As he says: “Time in the mountains is my magical time. Thus, I choose the longest runs, so that as long as possible I enjoy beautiful moments and wonderful views. My adventures are a time of freedom with my cross-country friends who are as crazy as I am. That’s how beautiful it’s ultra.”

Ela and Jarek Cieśla

They have been running together for more than 7 years. They compete in long-distance running, and especially liked ultramarathons and those with the greatest possible difficulty. Trail, mountains – this is their element. Together, they competed four times in the cult butcher's run in the Bieszczady Mountains over a distance of 80 km. They finished 4th in the official Polish Marriage Championships in the half marathon, won the Marriage Cup in Olsztyn. Individually Ela won a bronze medal in the Polish Bloggers Championship in the Warsaw Marathon, won the Ultra Trail Border of Warmia and Mazury in Swaderki (2018), was second in Ultra Mazury at 70 km (2016) and third in the Tri City Trail (2016). In 2019, together with Gosia Pazda-Pozorska took 2nd place in the classification of women's pairs in the Butcher's Run. Jarek writes articles for cross-country portals. They founded the running blog Running Marriage, conducting recurring cross-country meetings in their village, are the initiators of competitions for the Steam Valentine's Forest Cross, which in 2020. will take place in Morąg.

Anna Szlendak

Trainer, motivator, cross-country crazy. Every day she has a tight run out. Since the holidays also. She used to fly around her city, not counting time and kilometers. Over time, she began collecting medals, kilometers and memories of larger and smaller gears. Shorter obstacle and asphalt runs turned into ultra. And long trails most often traverse on mountain trails, where her legs feel like goats on the ridge. Although sometimes she happened to stand on the box, she assumes that the time at which she reaches the finish line is not important, and the time that is spent on the route is not important. Without a watch, no running gadgets, without training plans infects with this passion of others. Founder and head of the Grandmother’s cross-country team Run Up, a supporter of hasania in intimate and beautifully located places. Privately, the mother of a teenager, the owner of a running dog, a lover of garlic, hummus, all sorts of nuts and painted lips.

Anna Karolak

I'll catch so already from the foot to the foot a few good years. After the birth of my daughter, more than 4 years ago, I came up with a brilliant idea to play ultra, and so this fun continues to this day … and there is no end. I manage to stand on the podium, and it gives a huge joy and motivates. As it is in life, it can not be too pink. Injuries and various health problems ground and block a little, but I try to always push forward because I love this twisted world.

Hania Sypniewska

She runs not for places on the podium – because also running short, but also long age – but for the sheer pleasure of running and meeting with the same enthusiasts as me. She participated in many long-distance runs in the mountains, these routes are her closest. She tries not to repeat once run ultra, although there are exceptions. She really liked the 100 Jurassic – because of the beautiful route and the great heart of the organizers for this race.


Ambassadors 2019

General Roman Polko

Commando. Commander of the elite GROM unit. Doctorate in Management. He led foreign war and stabilisation missions. He advised the President of the Capital City of Warsaw and the Minister of Interior and Administration on counter-terrorism and security matters. He was deputy head of the Office of National Security. Hobbies: marathon, hockey and triathlon.


Dariusz Kruczkowski

He competed in 750 heats (346 wins). Highlights:· 48 medals (including 24 golds) of the Polish Cross, Mountain Running, Hall, Half Marathon and Stadium
· 1st team place and 7th place individually (Bremen, 5000 m), 3rd place (Prague, 3000 m), 8th place (Annecy, 5000 m) in the European Cup
· silver medal individually and gold team (Belgrade) in the marathon at the European Soldiers’ Championship
· bronze medal individually and team gold (Schafen) in cross at the European Soldiers’ Championship
· silver medal individually and gold team (Lanskie Laznie) at the World Veterans Championships in Mountain Running
· 8th place (Tivoli, in the 10000 m) at the Soldiers’ World Cup
. 4th place (Catania, 10000 m), 8th place (Zagreb, 5000 m) at the World Army Games
· 1st place (Schwechat, 3000 m) during the Youth Euro-Cap
· life record for 10 km – 28 min 15 sec.
Trainer and founder of the Giant Running Team. 

Sylwester Lepiarz

He stood on the podium in almost 200 heats (70 wins). Highlights:
· 7 medals of the Polish Championships in Mountain Running in the senior category
· 4time medalist of the Polish Championships in Mountain Running in the junior category
· multiple Polish representative in mountain running
· several times polish representative at the World and European Championships in Mountain Running
· together with blind player Aleksandr Kossakowski, taking 3rd place at the World Championships (2017) and 3rd place at the European Championships (2016)
· specializes in 10 km running takes part in mountain, street and treadmill.

Kinga Pachura

She competed in more than 180 mountain runs. Highlights:
· 1 place in Winter Janosik – Kierpce Maryna (2019), Regatta 1/2 Marathon Babia Góra (2017), Memoriale Wojtek Kozuba – Run on Babia Góra (2017), Regatta-Ultra Sky Marathon 3 x Babia Góra (2016), Mammut-Sky Marathonie 1 x Babia Góra (2015), Ultrajanosiku (2016)
· 2nd place in the Polish Skyrunning Cup (2016)
· 3rd place in the Polish Skyrunning Cup (2015)
· 4th place in the Cadini Sky Race (2017)
· 8th place in the Cortina Trail 47 km (2015)
· 10th place in Cortina Sky 20 km (2017) Mountain gear organizer.

Miłosz Szcześniewski

He competed in dozens of mountain runs. Highlights:
· 10 medals of the Polish Championships in Mountain Running
· multiple Polish representative in mountain running
· several times polish representative at the World and European Championships in Mountain Running
· two-time victory in the Mountain Cross-Country League Mountain Runner trainer.